Sassy Bloom Box

The doorbell unexpectedly rang this evening and… Wahay! Our Sassy Bloom box was being delivered! This is my not-so-secret monthly pleasure as in general I try NOT to fork out for seemingly unnecessary things whilst on maternity pay, but this is just so…. necessary. 

We have been getting the monthly box of surprise treats since the bab was 3 months old. Each box is geared towards her age and gender, and some items (such as bibs and bath towels) have even been personalised with her name, which is such a lovely touch. Sassy Bloom promises that the contents of each box is worth between £40 and £80, but you pay just £26 on the cheapest deal. So you could say that you’re paying a small amount for someone to send you presents of the sort you haven’t received since you had the baby!!

So, let me share our latest box with you…


The boxes themselves are beautifully presented. I always end up keeping the ribbon and will one day find a use for the lovely boxes. 


My favourite part! Opening it up and seeing the gifts!

So this month we received: 

* A plush, rattley caterpillar:  the bab will LOVE this toy. It’s just squishy enough to grab, and super soft. It will most likely take her approximately 3.2 seconds to discover that she can chew the antennae. 


* A Munchkin 3-in-1 bath toy: You put the sections together to create a waterwheel with rattley bits and a spiral slide.  Bath time is fun time in this house, so this will get lots of use. She is just beginning to learn that water can be poured, so this toy is just right. 


* Sock Ons: How did they know? Sock Ons have saved my sanity in the past, but she has grown out of her 0-6 months pairs, so this product has arrived in the nick of time! Generally we go for neutral colours but pink will make a nice change. 


* BabyDan Finger Safe: these are the rubbery things that you put on doors so that they can’t slam shut. When bab gets moving, these will be very useful. 


* A Gumi Gem teether: The packaging describes this as ‘teething jewellery’ for ‘teething with style’. Hilarious! It is made from non toxic silicon with no bisphenol A, and feels like a material that bab will find very soothing – she seems to have two teeth breaking through right now and has been understandably very grumpy this week. 


* Nuby Grip N’ Sip: I will try this with the bab, but we have mostly been using open Baby Cups (which came in the last Sassy Bloom box) and a nifty ‘no spill’ open-style cup, so this feels a bit like a step backwards. It might be useful when we’re on the go. 


* Organix multigrain cereal puff sample pack: The bab usually has Ready Brek and fruit for breakfast, so this will be something a little different for her to try. I’m sure she’ll love it!


* Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Storybook: Ooh a gift for me (ok and Islington papa…)! I knew this was coming as Sassy Bloom have been advertising it on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. The thing is genius, because it looks like an advent calendar but there are no numbers, so you can open them all at once with none of that 2nd December guilt. Happy days!


Thanks for another wonderful box, Sassy Bloom! They always seem to know what we need at each stage of bab’s development. If you fancy treating yourself and your little one, visit


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