Tiny Tempo

IMG_2037_2We popped along to a Tiny Tempo session at That Place on the Corner, as we had heard that the class is good fun.

We weren’t disappointed.  Lots of songs and dances to get the babies going, with old favourites alongside some I had never heard (just how many verses of Row, Row, Row Your Boat are there? Who knew?!), and all accompanied on a ukelele for good measure.  At first, however, I did find myself drawing comparisons to Baby Bounce at the library, which is free, but towards the end out came the instruments, scarves and bubbles, which of course added to the general fun. There was a teaching element with a focus on rhythm and dynamics, and a gentle sensory experience with the scarves.

The regulars at the session that we attended (Friday, 2.15) seemed to range from about 3 months to 18 months, but see the class schedule here for suggestions for other age ranges.

  • Websitewww.tinytempo.com
  • Cost: £6 (£8 at The Boiler House, N16)
  • Getting there: the classes run at Full of Beans, Clissold House, Nancy’s Pantry, That Place on the Corner,  The Russet (Hackney), The Royal Inn (Victoria Park), The Boiler House (Stoke Newington) and The Hornbeam Cafe (Walthamstow), so there is likely to be one near you!

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