Baby Dam


Last month, Baby Dam ran a photo competition to win one of their products, and we were lucky enough to win.

The Baby Dam such a great concept, and I have since been raving about it to all of my friends with littlies. Essentially, it is a plastic ‘wall’ with rubber surround that sections off a small part of your bath. We have found two big advantages to this: we use far less water these days; and the bab can grab her toys without them disappearing off to the other end of the bathtub! As you can see from the photo, she is pretty happy about this.

The Dam is easy to install or remove in 3 seconds flat, and so far has been very reliable. Our bath has a shower guard around the taps, so we dam off the top end instead, and fill it using the shower head. It lies flat when not in use, so could even be put in the bottom of a suitcase if you really can’t live without it on holiday.

I was so excited to actually win a real live competition, and even more pleased that the prize is so useful!



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