Morris Minors singing group

Every Thursday at 10am, a singing group takes place at Paradise Park children’s centre. Babies lie back and enjoy the music in the first session, and toddlers wiggle, sing and accompany in the second. This is fun if you enjoy a really good singalong – the music is folky and you will definitely learn some new songs. I really felt as if I was learning, particularly in the ’rounds’; I certainly threw in a few duff notes, but luckily it didn’t seem to matter too much!

Think of the more fun music lessons or assemblies you had at school, if you went to the cool sort of primary that had abandoned the old Come and Praise hymn book (picking the plastic off the front must have been a national past time for the under 11s in the 80s and 90s, right?!) in favour of songs from around the world with a great beat.

  • Time: Thursdays 10am (babies), 10.45 (toddlers)
  • Getting there: upstairs at Paradise Park childrens centre, which is ten minutes walk from High&I or Holloway Road tubes; or get any Holloway Rd bus to Liverpool Road; or the 153 to MacKenzie Road. If you get there early, there may be room to park your pushchair in the secure buggy park.
  • Cost: free! So go!
  • Website: click here
  • Contact:

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