… and if you can’t go out, eat in!

Okay so lunch out avec bébé might be do-able, but dinner is a lot more problematic. Between setting routines, cluster feeding and trying not to fall asleep in front of the TV, actually leaving the house in the evening seems like something we all did a long time ago!  

But, islington mamas and papas, your lovely borough has a plethora of delicious take away options! 

1. Homeburger This is the new kid on the block on the lower end of Holloway Road (which now seems to be known as LoHo). They are a little pricey – they charge what you would expect to pay if you ate out – but oh my  are they worth it!! The burgers are flippin’ delicious, in brioche buns that magically don’t get soggy in the time it takes to be delivered to your door. Yummy extras like Mac n Cheese and their own Homeslaw can be added, and if you can’t fit ’em in, have them for lunch the next day like this mama (!). Recommended dish: BBQ Beach Hut burger; Website: www.homeburger.co.uk

2. Firezza This isn’t your ordinary pizza take out, and you do need to be hungry to make the most of it. Firezza sell pizzas by the quarter metre (I know, right?!) with sophisticated toppings made from fresh ingredients – think artichokes, buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham, fresh herbs… Their side dishes and desserts are pretty good too, and not your usual dubious chicken wings and pot of overpriced ice cream, no, no! Lovely tiramisu, focaccia and puy lentils are just a few of the choices on offer. Recommended dish: 4 stagione; Website: www.firezza.com

3. Tootoomoo With a great reputation for fresh, healthy pan Asian food, Tootoomoo has recently expanded so that they are now at both ends of Holloway Road. They say that they offer all the joy of a take away with none of the guilt, which can only be a good thing, especially if you have a newborn and have survived on nothing but biscuits for the past week and a half. Recommended dish: chicken rendang; Website: www.tootoomoo.co.uk

4. Deliveroo If in doubt, Deliveroo is for you. Not a restaurant itself, they pick up your order from a huge selection of Islington eateries, and deliver it to your door. From Leon to Pho to Piebury Corner, a browse of the website shows some unexpected locations, one of which is sure to take your fancy. Website: www.deliveroo.co.uk

Do you have your own recommendation? Comment below to share with others. 


One thought on “… and if you can’t go out, eat in!

  1. Oh you are so lucky. We have a very nice restaurant 100 yards from our house but it might as well be on the moon! We have yet to find a decent Chinese takeaway and other than bad Chinese our delivery options are pizza, kebabs(!) and fish and chips- life is hard!!


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