Freightliners Farm

This city girl is not entirely sure about wildlife yet…

As a general rule, and having grown up in t’country, I do find the city farms to be a bit depressing. But, that aside, my bab is such a city girl already that it is quite nice to take her to visit actual animals (cue shocked baby face and loud screaming) and teach her to make clucking noises at the chickens. Indeed, chickens do make up a large proportion of the animals on the farm, as well as a couple of hilarious pigeons who have managed to get into the enclosure and now live a fine life with free food, shelter and feathery lady friends.

There are also goats, cows, some sheep, and rabbits, guinea pigs, geese and ducks.  The half of me that is ‘country’ has to turn a blind eye to the small pens, but they are well-bedded with straw and look pretty comfortable. However, it would be nice to see the animals out and about in the back field more often. In the spring and summer, the flower beds look and smell fantastic, and at Easter the farm run a really delightful day of stalls and activities, with opportunities to pet the animals.

The set up is good for kids, with loos on site, sinks to scrub hands and antibacterial handwash stations, and there is a small cafe serving basics such as tea and soup. Freightliners is not exactly a big day out, but it’s a lovely addition to Paradise Park, and good for a stop off on the way home or as part of a bigger trip to the park.

  • Location: Freightliners Farm, Sheringham Road, N7
  • Opening hours:10-4.45 (Closes earlier in Autumn and Winter), Tuesday – Sunday
  • Cost: free!
  • Getting there: a ten minute walk from Highbury and Islington or Holloway Road tube, or a five minute walk from the 153 bus stop on Mackenzie Road.

IMG_4818-104 IMG_4823-108

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The Little Life of Ickle Pickle

4 thoughts on “Freightliners Farm

  1. How wonderful to still be able to visit a farm in the city, and even better that it’s free! The ones in Sussex are all very expensive. Thanks for linking up to #travelwithkids


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