Baby Bounce



If you haven’t been to a Baby Bounce session at one of the local libraries then I urge you to go at least once! For one, they are completely free; second, it is so important to keep frequenting our borough’s libraries before we become in danger of losing them. Islington babies should have received their first library card, and vouchers for book and cd loans, when they were registered as newborns at the town hall. 

Baby Bounce is essentially half an hour of nursery rhymes and action songs led by a couple of library volunteers (and their puppets). The man at West Library on Bridgeman Road is especially good humoured and accompanies on harmonica and banjo, and encourages the adults to sing up and participate.

As with most of these groups, Baby Bounce is a great opportunity to meet local parents. Some of the sessions are followed by a toy library, too (most of the toys seem to be geared towards 9 months to 3 years), which saves a bit of money and keeps the toy box looking exciting!

  • Website: via
  • Locations: West Library, Bridgeman Road, N1; Friday 11.00, followed by the toy library. South Library, Essex Road, N1; Friday 11.00.  North Library, Manor Gardens, N7; Friday 11.00.  Central Library, Fieldway Cresent, N5; Wednesday and Thursday 11.00.  John Barnes Library, Camden Road, N7; Thursday 11.30. For full list, see website.
  • Cost: free!
  • Getting there: there are so many locations that all are easily reached on foot.


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