Photography for Parents


This isn’t based in Islington, but it seemed a good place to start the blog since they taught me how to use my camera to take lovely photos of my little bab, many of which you are sure to see on this blog!

We’ve all been there. As soon as the little person arrives, your camera and phone suddenly run out of space with the number of photos we take of all of those precious moments. And often, especially when we start looking at perfect families on Instagram, we start to wish that maybe we could make them just a little bit better. Maybe even change the setting from auto!!

Photography for Parents is an absolutely brilliant concept. You take your baby along and whilst they play, you learn. You just need a semi-decent camera with more modes than ‘auto’, and soon you too will be able to use terms such as ‘aperture’, ‘shutter speed’ and ‘rule of thirds’ like a pro! Each week, a short homework is set and feedback given to hone your skills.

I have to say, the course is pretty wonderful and has really changed my life.  Now that I have ‘graduated’ from the level one course, I have access to their Facebook alumni group, where more useful hints and tips are available, as well as a chance to share the pics of which you are most proud.

  • Website:
  • Location: The Alice House, Salusbury Road, Queen’s Park
  • Getting there: for step-free travel with a buggy, take the overland from Highbury and Islington to Kensal Rise. A step free journey home is slightly more convoluted as you first have to go west to Willesden Junction, then come back on yourself to return to Islington. Otherwise, it is a 20 minute drive – there is pay and display next to Queen’s Park itself, and a very limited amount on Salusbury Road. 
  • Cost: An ‘early bird’ price of £129 is available for a 5 week course.

I have linked up this post with the #bigfatlinky on the Dad Network’s blog Go and check him out. It was after spending time reading his blog and following him on Instagram that I decided to do a blog myself!

The room in which the course is held lends itself to great photos

2 thoughts on “Photography for Parents

  1. Thank you for the lovely review! Your readers might like to know that we also run interactive online courses, so you can learn wherever you are and in your own time. The course runs for 6 weeks and you have daily support from your instructor. Please visit our website if you’d like to find out more.


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