With locations in and around London, Aquababies aim to teach your baby or toddler to feel confident in the water and learn basic swimming skills.

In Islington, our local group is held at the Bridge School on Hungerford Road, led by a super teacher called Madalena.

Lessons follow a firm routine to give the babies confidence, and each part of the session is accompanied by a song or action to keep it familiar. By the end of the first lesson, your baby will have experienced ‘swimming’ underwater (scary for the parent, but the baby takes in in their stride!), and as they progress, they learn more difficult skills such as holding on to the side, or swimming up to the surface when entering the pool from the edge.

Portrait sessions are also held throughout the year, so you can buy gorgeous photos of your baby under the water.

I am a strong advocate of water safety and getting the kids confident at a young age. Of which other sport can you say it could save your life one day?


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